Pactainer® UN

Pactainer® UN packaging solutions are designed for packaging and transportation of hazardous materials.

The construction of these containers has to be in conformity with „United Nations Recommendations
on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods”, also known as “Orange Book”,and then tested
in accordance with road transport regulations (ADR), rail transport (RID) and sea transport (IMDG-Code).

Prior to the production process, each type of a container designed for storage and transportation of hazardous materials, has to receive the UN certificate, which is individually granted to a particular construction by special certifying bodies.

Our company cooperates with BAM Institute ( Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung
und -prüfung ) with a seat in Berlin.

Pactainer® UN are mostly used for storage and transportation of hazardous materials from packaging groups II and III.


We offer a wide range of special solutions including FIBC UN containers for safe packaging of detrimental substances.