Big Bags - custom solutions tailored precisely to your specific requirements!

We not only develop standard solutions, but always strive to adjust our offer according to our customers' wishes and expectations. We'd be happy to discuss your special packaging requirements and our flexible product solutions.


With extensive quality control at every stage of production, we ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.


We provide individual packaging solutions. Our big bags are individually constructed for specific areas of application and can be integrated into existing production and filling facilities.


With our production plant located in Poland, we are well positioned to complete short term orders quickly and flexibly.

Our products at a glance

Offering tailor-made packaging solutions, we are able to react immediately and flexibly to individual customers requests. We gladly welcome even the most demanding challenges and help you develop a solution that best meets your specific quality requirements.

Pactainers® offer customised packaging, transport and storage conditions for all types of bulk materials, e.g. powders and granules.

Pactainers ED® type C provide reliable protection against the risk of electrostatically induced ignition hazards in areas with explosive atmospheres.

Pactainers UN® are designed for the safe transportation and storage of environmentally hazardous goods.

With partition walls sewn inside the bag, the Quintainer® ensures considerably improved stability and optimum use of storage space.

The Flutainer® offers optimal storage and transport conditions for liquids and semi-liquids.

The Tablettainer is used for the transportation and storage of pharmaceutical substances such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Foil liners Pacliner® are the ideal packing solution for products requiring special protection against contamination.

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