Made from composite foils, the Pacliner®  is the ideal packing solution for valuable products requiring special protection against contamination from outside such as  moisture, dust etc.

The Pacliner® are available in various sizes for lining rigid containers ( e.g. octabins), flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) and metal drums. 

Specifications and characteristics of the composite foil used in the production of the Pacliner® depend on the specific requirements for the packaged materials.  For substances particularly vulnerable to contamination we offer special liners which are manufactured in a controlled environment in a class 7 clean room according to DIN EN ISO 104644-1. 

The product specifications of the Pacliner® can be adapted to individual requirements:

  • top: open or with filling spout
  • bottom: flat bottom, cross bottom or discharge spout
  • shaping partitions walls: increasing the stability of the bag
  • filter: e.g. for nitrification process

Pacliner® find application primarily in the following areas:

  • standard and special granulate materials (i.g. polystyrene)
  • chemical products
  • liquid foodstuffs
  • dyes and colorants

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