Worki kontenerowe Flutainer®


The Flutainer® offers optimal storage and transport conditions for industrial liquids and paste-like goods.  Its basic components consist of a PP-fabric outer bag, a multilayered PE inner foil, and a wooden or metal pallet serving as a transportable platform. The stacking frame construction consists of four steel supports and  the upper frame which allows one loaded pallet to be placed squarely and level onto the pallet below.

The key advantage of the Flutainer® is that it offers simple and convenient storage solutions. For example, three pallets loaded with filled Flutainer® containers can be placed one on top of another (triple stacking). This method allows for storing up to 3.000 litres of liquid substances in one square meter. The Flutainer® can be stowed away in a space-saving manner after unloading, as it has the dimensions of a standard euro pallet before assembly.

The Flutainer® construction can be set up by a single person in less than one minute.

The Flutainer® is most commonly used for the transportation and storage of:

  • glue
  • dispersions
  • textile auxiliaries
  • colour pastes
  • fruit juice concentrates, tomato puree
  • honey or liquid sugar
  • pressure-sensitive dusts and granulates

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