Pactainer® (flexible intermediate bulk containers FIBC made of polypropylene fabric), also known as big bags, offer optimal storage and transport conditions for all kinds of bulk cargoes and all routes for volumes of 200 to 3,000 litres. All big bags produced by EMPAC Polska are approved for use in contact with food.

Working load, capacity and design features of big bags can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of our customers:

  • disposable design (single-trip): Maximum safe working load 2000 kg, Safety factor 5 : 1
  • reusable design (multi-trip): Maximum safe working load 1500 kg, Safety factor 6 : 1
  • Pactainer® can be manufactured from flat or circular woven polypropylene fabrics, coated or uncoated
  • wide range of dimensions (volume, base, height).
  • wide range of top and base designs: type, size and length of fillings spouts, bottom, and discharge spouts
  • PE and aluminium composite foil liners sewed or glued into the bag

The standard Pactainer® is most commonly used  for the transportation and storage of:

  • chemical substances
  • food concentrates
  • synthetic fertilizers
  • fly ashes from waste incineration plants

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