The Quintainer® is equipped with additional partition walls sewn inside the bag which significantly increase its dimensional stability.  After filling, the side walls of the Quintainer® keep the shape of a cuboid, neither bulging nor protruding beyond the outline of the pallet.

The Quintainer®  has been specifically developed to make optimum use of storage space.  Its construction facilitates easy loading and unloading of palletized units inside trucks and containers.

The product range includes Quintainer® equipped with various types of PE and aluminium composite foil liners or barrier foils. Quintainer® can also be made from conductive fabric, thus being capable of dissipating electrostatic charges and meeting the requirements  of Type C FIBC as defined in IEC 61340-4-4:2018.

The Quintainer® is most commonly used for the transportation and storage of:

  • fine-grained granules for food products
  • plastic granules
  • food products
  • waste after disposal
  • washing and cleaning agents

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