Pacliner®  multilayered foil liners are used for packaging materials that require additional protection against contamination.

These liners are put in rigid containers e.g. octabins, FIBC flexible containers or metal barrels .

The construction and type of the multilayered foil that is used for production of liners depends heavily on the properties of stored materials. For substances especially sensitive to contamination we offer liners that are produced in controlled environment, namely  Clean Room class 7 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 norm.

Depending on the liner, Pacliner® packaging solutions can be equipped with:

  • an upper part opened or closed with a filling spout,
  • a bottom part: flat, with a crosswise bottom or a discharge spout,
  • shape stabilizers,
  • valves e.g. for nitridation.

Pacliner® liners are mostly used for packaging:

  • standard and special granulates e.g. polystyrene foam
  • liquid foodstuff
  • chemical products
  • dyes.

We offer a wide range of special solutions including foil liners produced in Clean Room class 7 conditions,  in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1.