Flutainer®  packaging solutions are used for storage and transportation of liquid and paste-like goods.
The construction of the container consists of an external container made from PP fabric, a few layers of inner foil, base – a wooden or steel pallet, a frame consisting of four steel pipes and an upper frame to enable stacking of up to 3 pallets.

The main advantage of this container is the ability to store 3,000 litres of a substance on the surface of one square meter. What is more, it saves warehouse storage space as a folded Flutainer® construction does not take up more space than an ordinary pallet.

One person can assemble the construction in less than one minute.


Flutainer®  packaging solutions are mostly used for packaging:

  • adhesives
  • suspension substances
  • auxiliary materials for textile production
  • paste-like paints
  • fruit juice concentrates, tomato paste
  • honey or syrups
  • ashes and granulates that may result in an explosion under the influence of high pressure