Pactainer® are flexible containers (FIBC) with capacity from 200 to 3,000 liters that are a perfect solution for packaging diverse loose goods.

All containers produced by EMPAC Polska are approved for use in direct contact with food.


Taking your specific needs into account, we can offer the following types of packaging solutions:

    • disposable containers with load capacity up to 2,000 kg and safety factor 5:1,
    • reusable containers with load capacity up to 1,500 kg and safety factor 6:1,
    • containers made from flat or round woven fabric,
    • containers with a wide range of base dimensions and body height,
    • containers with a diverse construction of the upper cover (lid), bottom as well as filling and discharge spouts.
    • containers equipped with inner multilayered foil liners, glued or sewn in the external container.
    • containers equipped with inner liners with filer valve e.g. for nitridation,
    • containers equipped with dustproof seams,
    • containers equipped with additional labels, printed inscriptions, packs for documents etc.

Standard containers are most frequently used for packaging:

    • chemical substances
    • active pharmaceutical ingredients ( so called API)
    • food concentrates
    • artificial fertilizers ashes being the residue of utilizing waste







We offer a wide spectrum of special solutions including FIBC containers with a system for nitridation.